Music Samples

Preview Samples of Anne's Singles

From A Matter of Faith

  • A Matter of Faith

matter of faith clip

  • Desert Blues

desert blues clip

  • Ashes on the Sand

ashes on the sand clip

  • Sing and Dance 

sing and dance clip

  • Cross My Heart  

cross my heart

  • O Come Emmanuel 

o come emmanuel clip

  • Now That You're In Heaven 

 now that you're in heaven

  • Hosanna 


  • Holy Moments 

holy moments

  • Thank You 

thank you

  • It's Been So Good 

its been so good

From Bread and Wine

  • Gifts I've Been Given 

gifts i've been given

  • The Paperdoll

 the paperdoll

  • Bread and Wine 

bread and wine

  • The Women 

the women

  • Folks Like That 

folks like that

  • Feed My Sheep 

feed my sheep

  • Merry Go Round 

 merry go round

  • Christmas Dream 

christmas dream

  • Your Are the One 

you are the one

  • In Time 

in time